Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl



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Buzz, Woody (possibly), Mario (broken up), Herp-A-Derp Megaman Stuntman (one sided on Herp-A-Derp Stuntman's side), Mike (possibly), Herp-A-Derp Megaman (possibly), Luigi (possibly), War Machine (possibly)


Buzz, Woody, Mario, Herp-A-Derp Megaman Stuntman, Luigi, Butterfly Boat, Ogre Babies, Mike, Herp-A-Derp Megaman, War Machine


Winnie's Minions, Baby Pikachu, Shrek

Episode Debuted In

Season 1 Movie-The Sleep Over

Jessie is a main character that 1st appeared in the Season 1 Movie-The Sleep Over

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is very strange, and can turn her head 180 degrees just like an owl. She apparently likes Buzz, as she has tried to rape him several times, as well as fix him when he is broken. She is occasionally raped by Woody, but always succeeds in throwing him off.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She always wears her red cowgirl hat, and has light red hair under it. Her eyes are blue. She has a rope around her shoulder, and a lever that both do nothing. Like her head she can spin her hand around 180 degrees. Her shirt is white and yellow, while her crotch area is blue, along with her pants, which are mostly covered up by sheets with a cowlike pattern on them, and finally wears light brown booots.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was lost in Episode 13-Herp-A-Derp gets sick, and later found in a completely different spot then where she was supposedly thrown.
  • Nemisis Bruticus found her
  • He forbided the use of her and now use SBF31's toy.
  • Her frozen carcus was found and brought back to life.
  • She is apparently the only one who can fix Buzz other than Luigi. (Woody tried to but couldn't.)
  • She is raped by Woody
  • She rapes Buzz
  • Her voice changes every episode.
  • She is the only character to be part of 4 "relationships": She and Buzz have been in a relationship since the season 1 movie, Woody rapes Jessie and Jessie sort of likes Woody, Herp-A-Derp Stuntman is attracted to her, and Mario accidentally slept with Jessie when he was drunk.
  • She is friends with Luigi but she calls him a gay fag.
  • Jessie uses her whip in battle and has gotten a bit stronger during battles over the course of the series.
  • Her, Buzz, and Woody are part of a tri-friendship.
  • She along with Buzz was forgotton at Thunderzap7's house and wasn't in the season 3 movie.
  • She is considered hot by a lot of people.
  • She is called a "lady whore" by Mario.
  • She won Game-O-Game 3.
  • She has a Nintendo DS and the game Custom Robo Arena.
  • She has a Game Boy and the game Megaman V.
  • Jessie has been romantically linked with the most people in the entire series, as she is dating Buzz, but may have been in a relationship with Woody, Mario, Mike, Luigi, Herp-A-Derp, Herp-A-Derp Stuntman, and War Machine.
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